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Access to services in the Internal Market
(Legislative Decree n. 59/2010)

With the Legislative Decree 26 March 2010 N. 59 the Italian State has carried into effect the Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the domestic market. The rule has the following objectives:


to facilitate freedom of establishment of services in the European Union. To this end, Member States undertake to remove barriers that prevent or discourage operators from other Member States to establish on their territory;
2) facilitate the freedom to provide services in the European Union. To enhance cross-border supply of services, the Directive states the right of recipients to use services from other Member States;
3) promote the quality of services. The Directive aims to enhance the quality of services such as encouraging voluntary certification of activities or treating card quality and encouraging the development of European codes of conduct, particularly by professional bodies or associations;
4) establish an effective administrative cooperation between Member States to encourage the growth of the market of the services, to ensure equal protection on general matters and effective monitoring of services.
Legislative Decree n. 59/2010 provides that suppliers of these services and those who wish to become suppliers, can turn to the one-stop shop for economic development at the Municipalities, "for the completion by Internet of all the procedures necessary to carry out service activities "(n. 25, point. 1) and to get all the information for this purpose.
Service providers can obtain information, on the procedures of competence, by the following authorities:


Municipality of Faenza through the website of the one-stop shop for economic development (http://www.racine.ra.it/suapfaenza/) and particularly at the page http://www.racine.ra.it/suapfaenza/procedimenti.htm;


Province of Ravenna through the website http://www.provincia.ra.it/;


Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna through the website http://www.ra.camcom.it/;


Emilia-Romagna Region through the website http://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it/ and particulraly through the tematic websites “http://www.ermesimprese.it/” and “http://emiliaromagna.si-impresa.it/”;


State and National Administrations through the website http://www.impresainungiorno.gov.it/index.html. As stated by the Legislative Decree n. 59/2010 this website represents the national contact point for the issue and ensures the link with all the Authorities of competence (n. 26, point. 5).
On May 17th 2010 the one-stop shop for economic development of the Municipality of Faenza asked to the National Ministries, to the Emilia-Romagna Region, to the Province of
Ravenna and to the Chambre of Commerce of Ravenna the information for suppliers and users of services, for the proceedings of related competence.


Information for the users (IT)


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